Scientific Articles and Reports Concerning HGF and the Theory Behind the Product dExact-f.

Here you can download the full text articles as pdf documents:

1. 1994 Interaction of HGF with Heparan Sulfate

2. 2003-03 Scientific Report Faecal and serum levels

3. 2003-04 HGF During Acute and Infectious Gastroenteritis

4. 2004-04 Stability of Fecal HGF

5. 2005-04 Hepatocyte Growth Factor in fecal samples

6. 2008-06 Clinical Impact of Real-time evaluation of the biological activity and degradation of hepatocyte growth factor

7. 2012-07 Prognostic Impact of Fecal pH Osuka et al 2012

8. 2013-03 A Methachromatic-based Experimental Model for Identification of Bowel as The Focus of an Acute Inflammation

9. 2013-08 Differences in The Expression of Hepatocyte Growth Factor in Acute and Chronic Bowel Inflammation—Implications for Diagnosis?

10. The clinical impact of a rapid diagnostic test for immediate identification of acute bowel inflammation